16 Ingenious WD-40 Uses on Cars

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Nissan produced its first automobile, the Datsun 1000, in 1958. The WD-40 Company (once known as the Rocket chemical company) first produced its namesake WD-40 water displacing spray in 1953. The look of Nissan’s automobiles has changed far more over the decades than the always-recognizable WD-40 can (and its formula), but consumers still look to both companies as trustworthy partners in their daily lives.

Nissan’s vehicles are known for their flexibility when it comes to a variety of people- and cargo-hauling tasks. WD-40 is known to be just as flexible, as there are hundreds of verifiable “uses” for the spray around the house, the office, and even in space. What about your Nissan? Check out this list of ways WD-40 can make owning and maintaining your vehicle even more enjoyable.

1. Keep the view ahead clear.

All the safety technology in the world can’t save you from a rain-streaked windshield caused by dried-out wiper blades. Spray your wipers with WD-40, let them sit a while, wipe off any excess, and enjoy a clearer view of the road.

2. Clean bugs off the grille.

The new Nissan Murano is a spacious family hauler, and its huge grille catches all kinds of bugs during road trips. If you need to clean bugs off your car, WD-40 is your savior. You can keep that beautiful grille looking clean and free of bug guts with a few quick squirts of WD-40, a wipe-down, and a quick rinse. You can also use WD-40 to clean an egged car!

3. Protect rubber seals.

Every Nissan features flexible rubber seals in the door openings to keep out the elements and isolate the interior from wind noise. You can use WD-40 on these seals to keep them flexible and prevent cracking.

4. Clean bird droppings.

Can you imagine a world where you finish polishing your Nissan Sentra only to have a bird pay its respects to your color choice by dropping off droppings on the hood? If you don’t catch it immediately, you can relax because WD-40 will help you remove those dried bird droppings and keep your Sentra looking as good as new.

WD-40 will also help remove tar and tree sap from car paint!

5. Fix squeaky doors and brakes.

Every older car has personality quirks, and one of those might be a squeaky door (or two). That squeak could be caused by some corrosion built up on the hinge, so spray some WD-40 in there, open and close it a few times, then enjoy a return to silence. It can even be used on squeaky brake rotors.

6. Polish chrome.

Chrome alloy wheels demand upkeep to look their best. An easy way to polish the chrome on your car is to apply WD-40 all over, count to 10 Mississippi, and then wipe with a cloth.

7. Clean off fuel.

The Nissan Kicks is an incredibly fuel-efficient crossover – so fuel-efficient you may not open that fuel door often enough, resulting in remnants of gunk, dirt, and road salt. You can solve this annoying problem by squirting some WD-40 on the gas cap and in the opening, then rinsing off any excess.

8. Unfreeze frozen locks.

Members of multi-car families know the frustration of being the one to find the car door frozen shut on winter mornings. Besides moving to Birmingham, an easy way to avoid that unpleasant start to your morning is to spray some WD-40 into the locks the night before. WD-40 will help keep water out of the lock and make sure you have easy access.

9. Clean up gum.

It’s not uncommon to have seven kids in a Nissan Armada, and we all know that creates an environment that produces a lot of food and drink spills. If your young passengers are the type to drop chewing gum all over the carpet, you can rest easy knowing you keep a can of WD-40 in the glove box. Just spray some WD-40 on the gum, wipe it up with a tissue, and soak up any excess with a dry cloth. Your sanity will thank you, and you can move on to the next food-based emergency.

10. Quick paint scrape fix.

Unfortunately can’t always rely on your fellow drivers to be parking lot professionals. If you come out of the grocery store to find a small scrape on your door, you may be able to take that scuff right off with some WD-40. (To protect your paint job, we don’t recommend using it on anything other than a very small paint scuff, and you’ll also want to make sure to wash off any excess WD-40 with soap and water.)

11. Clean oil off hands.

We know some of you may choose to change your own oil, and most of you probably end up with some dirt and oil on your hands when you’re done. WD-40 will take that oil right off so that you can get on with your day. Just remember to wash your hands thoroughly afterward.

12. Remove bumper stickers.

Wondering how to remove stickers from car windows? WD-40 is a powerful tool for removing adhesives like your child’s honor roll sticker. (They won’t be high schoolers forever.) Spray a good amount of WD-40, let it soak for a bit, and scrape that sticker off. Boom – a blank canvas for their upcoming alma mater bumper sticker.

13. Clean spark plugs and more.

Did you know that a spritz of WD-40 can clean just about anything in the engine bay of your car, including spark plugs, battery terminals, and overtightened bolts? In fact, you can even clean foggy or oxidized headlights with WD-40! It really is a miracle product.

14. Protect from rust.

You can spray WD-40 on garden tools to prevent them from corroding. You can do the same for your vehicle’s exterior components, including brake rotors, lug nuts, wheel wells, and just about any other metal surface that’s prone to saltwater or chemical oxidation.

15. Remove ink from car floors and seats.

Have a can of WD-40 handy to help you get rid of ink or marker stains on carpet and cloth seats. In some cases, it can even remove wax (crayon) stains!

16. De-ice windshields.

Rumor has it, spraying WD-40 on your windshield wipers and windshield before a snow or ice storm can save you time brushing snow or scraping ice away in the morning. We don’t get much of that here in Birmingham, but give it a shot and let us know if it worked in the comments.

WD-40 is a great companion to your vehicle – whether it’s a reliable old friend or a new addition to your garage. You can use WD-40 in a lot of ways, but we want to end with a reminder to always clean up any excess WD-40 and wash with soap and water where you can. WD-40 can stain!

For anything that WD-40 can’t fix, bring your problems to our Birmingham car dealership for service. We offer excellent pricing on Nissan service, repairs, and maintenance. Please book an appointment online or contact our Jim Burke Nissan dealership at (205) 390-7564 to schedule.

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